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Claim Jumper Restaurants & Vegan Dining

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Last week my family wanted to go to Claim Jumper for dinner. I had never been before so I was a little worried about the menu. I had heard that the portions were huge and the menu was meaty. To my delight I was able to order a delicious dinner that was vegan, filling and relatively low in fat.

To start I ordered the Fire Roasted Artichoke Served with Tomato Relish for $10.95. It comes with a mayo-garlic sauce as well which I omitted. It was divine. The light olive oil and spice on the artichoke made it so tasty that it didn't need any sauce at all.

Next I ordered Checca Pasta made with Rigatoni, Olive Oil, Sliced Garlic, Pine Nuts, Lemon Juice, Roma Tomatoes, Basil Leaves, Cured Olives, served with Tomato Herb Bread for $10.95. Of course I omitted the Parmesan cheese. I brought along some of my own soy Parmesan to sprinkle on top. The pasta was light and delicious. I didn't eat much of the bread that came with it. It was heavy and I'm not much of a bread eater.

I also ordered Fresh Charbroiled Asparagus which was a perfect addition to the meal. I had enough to take home for lunch the next day so I was able to enjoy it all over again with the addition of some baked sesame tofu I picked up at Whole foods.

Eating out can be a great culinary adventure if you are creative and willing to ask for exactly what you want. I will go back to Claim Jumper again. The atmosphere was charming and the service was terrific. It is a great place to share a meal with your meat eating friends and family.

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posted by Karen Dougherty, 2:36 AM


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